Telecommunications is a deeply complex, exceptionally dynamic industry that has experienced unprecedented growth and change over recent years. HIP Consult has been at the forefront in guiding industry players to identify and exploit strategic opportunities ahead of the competition. With firmly-rooted strategic and practical experience, HIP Consult has played a pivotal role in the expansion of essential telecommunications infrastructure and services across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and other regions.

Emerging markets continue to battle to meet pent-up demand with efficient capital deployments and localized products. But the specter of market maturity is also increasingly real, compelling operators to differentiate more meaningfully, improve their cost structures, and do more to retain their best customers.

HIP Consult's telecommunications practice has a proven track record of high achievement. We have helped incumbents and new entrants alike with expansion and turnaround strategies, business and market planning, product design, sales growth, strategic procurement, and cost containment. We have also worked with regulators and other public sector players to facilitate an attractive investment climate and healthy market development. Our depth of expertise in this industry, with "boots on the ground" experience in some of the most promising - yet challenging - developing markets, allows us to help organizations to focus on the right issues and get the best results from their operations and resources.