Whether on the supply or demand side of the supply chain, energy considerations form a large part of business operations. Deregulation in the power sector, uncertainties around the central utility model, and the advent of renewables, distributed power and other innovations pose both opportunities and challenges to producers and consumers alike.

At HIP Consult, we believe energy strategy should be guided by an overarching plan that is informed by both international best practices and local requirements, and allows for bottom-up innovation. Our energy specialists have experience working in diverse areas of power industries ecosystem, with projects including strategy development, economic analysis, and technology assessment, among others.

Looking to the future, we are active in devising alternatives to legacy, centrally-managed power supply chains, including the development of regional electrification schemes, smart grid implementation, and distribution from non-traditional sources. The Firm has also committed considerable resources towards research and development of feasible models for deploying sustainable energy solutions across Africa and other developing markets.