Germán Dario Arias Pimienta - Executive Director & Commissioner, CRC Colombia


To what extent is the CRC’s approach to market oversight and development informed by global best practices versus local considerations, for example in the areas of spectrum, quality of service, and universal access?

First off, it is necessary to clarify that the CRC does not manage spectrum; spectrum is part of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC) and the National Spectrum Agency (ANE). However, the CRC does takes into consideration certain technical aspects and market analysis related to spectrum allocation within its framework.

We must bear in mind that the reference to "universal access", in the Colombian case, relates directly fixed broadband services.

However, all of the CRC's regulatory analysis, not only the market evaluations, take into consideration the international trends, both technical, as well as the best practices of regulators of other countries and multilateral organizations.  We are always seeking to promote competition and connect the maximum amount of users and so we seek recommendations regarding the definition of regulatory aspects that impact and improve the provision of telecommunications services.

International trends and recommendations of multilateral organizations and other agencies are carefully analyzed, case by case, facing the potential intervention of the CRC, based on the identification of problems that must be solved. While interventions are in some cases supported by international best practices, they must always respond to the specific needs observed in the Colombian context, which in some cases may also fit to what is happening in other countries (geographical, demographic and political differences, among others).