Excitement over emerging market investing has percolated for several years, with only temporary pauses in enthusiasm during the global economic downturn and recent interest rate jitters. While headline numbers seem enticing, the reality is that investing in emerging markets can be laden with challenges. Perceived high-grade deals often attract multiple well-funded suitors, inflated valuations and control battles, while smaller deals may come up against issues of transparency, governance, regulation and other hurdles.

Once a transaction has closed and the celebrations have ended, there is the very real challenge of turning around an operation and improving the market performance of the investee company in a foreign environment.

For private equity players, strategists, and other investors with an interest in emerging markets, Africa in particular, HIP Consult offers a portfolio of tailored services geared towards helping investors identify compelling opportunities, add value through active management, and achieve a profitable exit in some of the world's most attractive, but challenging, markets.