Robust analytics are critical for modern businesses, enabling data-driven decision making. The sheer amount of available data, and the methods process, analyze, and interpret it, have significantly evolved over time. HIP Consult continuously invests in its data and analytics capabilities, even developing in-house tools and algorithms, that unearth valuable insights for our clients.

Client engagements typically involve a combination of economic, financial, statistical, and geospatial (GIS) analyses, as well as data science and machine learning techniques.  We leverage the latest reliable open-source tools, where possible, to better serve and reduce costs for our clients.

Good analysis starts with comprehensive, high-quality data. However, data gaps and inaccuracies are an unfortunate reality during these fast moving times, particularly in emerging markets. To address this challenge within its industry focus areas, HIP Consult has developed a novel infrastructure mapping initiative called InfraNav. The InfraNav team expertly gathers infrastructure data from a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, and applies novel analytics to address a wide array of corporate, investment, regulatory and development use cases.